Friday, December 28, 2012

And It all Began with a Prompt from FB.

FB (trying to get me to post something profound on it's site just like everyone else's posts about going shopping, christmas hats, and random stuff that they think people will actually read and enjoy): "Share how things are going, Hannah"

Well... lets see... first and foremost, I'm hyper (which by reading the rest of this post, will make the previous sentence an understatement). I worked all night and drank a bunch of strong coffee this morning to keep me awake for the day.

My dog thinks he knows how to crochet with all 6 skeins of my yarn that had been all neatly put away in their tote. Now they're a tangled mess.

 My little sister doesn't like my taste in music (or should I say the way that I play one song 1/2 a billion times and sing obnoxiously loud along with it 1, because I like it, 2, cuz I'm trying to figure out how to play it--actually singing like that would make it harder to learn but ya know sometimes you gotta mix things up!--, and 3 because I'm so hyped up on coffee that obnoxious is really the only way to sing a song), so she tries to take over my computer by force but it systematically shuts down on both of us due to a cooling fan not working (need to take it in to the pc doc).

It's snowing beautifully outside, I'm just glad I don't have to be driving in it. Although Capt. America (my awesome little car) is a trooper in the nasty weather. You should have seen him on our way home from work this morning! Fun stuff! :)

I want some eggnog... it's sitting nice and chilly in the fridge all the way across the house but I don't feel like getting up to pour myself a cup, and yet it's still calling my name. heh, Gotta figure out an invention to get it all the way over to me in a pretty glass mug without lifting much more than a finger. And people wonder why there's so much obesity in America... :-/ Sheesh

I really want more coffee too... not sure if I should try it though cuz at the rate I'm going now, I could be to Mars by midnight. Not that I want to go to Mars, it's just what I've learned about the equation of me + no sleep + not so much food + lotsa caffeine= ... MARS! Yep, screw any type of drug, folks: When I've got my coffee, the world needs to say a prayer for everyone remotely in touch with my life.

SO yeah, in case you weren't already thinking this... it's a good thing I came here, instead of posting this right on my profile on that social website. Goodness, knowing that only a remote amount of people will read this here than all the people I don't even know on fb who would've seen how absolutely insane I am, makes me relieved!!!

Ha... so I'm going to post this only to read when I'm off of this caffeine high. And then I will contemplate living like a hermit til my dying day after making a complete fool of myself to the world wide web. Til next time!!! :)

***Posting this as I hear my little sister playing the exact song I was trying to learn earlier... Well at least the incessant replaying got into someone's head!!! Maybe once this coffee wears off, I'll be able to play it too. Hmm...***


Bailey said...

oh my gosh. i love you. :P you are HUlarious!!! for real, i'm not even kidding. ;) ok, so I miss you and we really really really need to soon! *SUPERLY BIG HUG* bye!

A.J. said...

Read it! :P You're awesome, I tell you! :D :*

iowacowgirl said...

Oh my word Hannah!!!! This is profoundly hilarious!!!! :D Next time you're on a caffine high will you post again...please?!?! Cause I TOTALLY got a kick out of this post!!!! :) Love ya girl! <3